We are a specialist health food wholesaler.

Boutique Health was established as a specialist health food wholesaler to give Australia’s top brands a presence in retail and grocery outlets.

Originally an exclusive grocery distributor of Carob Kitchen products, the Boutique Health team found the demand for boutique health foods was growing so rapidly that they expanded their portfolio by entering agreements with creative, innovative, and exotic brands such as Happy Way, KOJA, 12 health, Yo Nuts and many more.

The eye for innovation in the business has been led by Jay Rogers and Hannah Medlin who have extensive knowledge in the wholesale industry and an elaborate passion for all the products they represent in their portfolio.

The Boutique Health portfolio has been put together over time with dozens of niche Australian manufacturing companies who like Boutique Health are small family owned businesses.

Being different is something the Boutique Team stand by, our products are niche/sexy and NEW this allows our retailers to separate themselves from the commodity products that stores like Coles and Woolworths range and this allows our retailers to be a destination with a difference.

We hope that you enjoy all the goodness we are bringing to the market as much as we do and remember, healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring when you’re eating from the Boutique Health range.

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